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“Our sales have trippled since joining AffiliateBOT three months ago. We now rely completely on our affiliate program as our engine of growth.”

P. Svonn,

Latest Affiliate Programs

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Get Better Grades No - 26th November
Human Anatomy Course - 26th November
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Fortune Traders - 26th September
Website Likes - 19th September - 19th September
Relationship Rewind - 18th September


  • Milk your traffic
  • Cash in your pocket!
  • Top paying programs
  • Bloggers accepted!

Publishers! Turn your website into a money-making machine! Leverage on your traffic to earn from the best campaigns and programs in the industry.

Bloggers! Maintaining a blog or being an avid user of the Internet can now give you the extra bucks you never needed, but have always wanted. Have the additional revenue stream simply by working from the comfort of your home.

Our robust AffiliateBOT system empowers you with top-notch tracking and reporting capabilities, so your promotional efforts are properly rewarded and optimized to bring you the highest income.

Excellent EPC rates on hundreds of programs you can join and promote. AffiliateBOT, making your Internet space worthwhile.

We simply give you no reason not to earn.

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  • Expand your presence
  • Solid brand recognition
  • Acquire new customers
  • Boost your sales

Merchants! For centuries, merchants pay for advertisements first before they can actually reap the rewards. The medium of advertisement hardly cares of your results. You paid for it anyway, and they get the fair share of your bank account. Terrible, isn’t it?

Now, AffiliateBOT is championing Internet Advertising, the way it should! An output-oriented and performance-based marketing, where Merchants will only have to pay for performance and completed sales, translating to a healthier profit level!

AffiliateBOT is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. With our easy to use, and feature-rich software, making your business grow is as easy as 1-2-3.

Get the boost in your online business now! Let our Power Affiliates show you how. Sign up now or take our tour to learn more...

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Now on Affiliate Bot - All Things Luxury

All Things Luxury is now on Affiliate Bot! We are proud to take on this partnership. We are equally as excited to meet engaging and active affiliates that we can grow together with. We have started with a very generous commision rate of 15%! This is one of the highest on Affiliate Bot, and most certainly in our category. Stay posted for more information. All Things Luxury offers a vast selection of Charms and Beads, Pandora Style Beads, Men's Bling Rings, Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings,...Read more »

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